Make Webinars Your Top Marketing Tool Using iTeneri

It is safe to say that webinars are the number one marketing tool. Webinars are informative, engaging, and fun for both your attendees and you and are a great way to build trust and partnerships. It has also been proven to drive leads into your pipeline. Every business aspires to have a top-tier marketing tool that provides sufficient influence over its target market and iTeneri does just that. iTeneri allows you to host exciting discussions, while adding tremendous value to the visitor’s overall event experience. 
  1. Cost-effective and Easy
Webinars are conducted within a virtual space. No more worrying about a physical venue, equipment, or even your speaker canceling at the last minute. iTeneri takes the hassle out of planning and also reduces the cost by streamlining the entire process so you can promote your new products, highlight upcoming projects, bring in expert speakers to lead insightful discussions, and use the platform to virtually emphasize anything of value to your organization.
Webinars are the perfect way to build connections and gather leads as they can be done in real-time or even pre-recorded. Webinars fit into your target market’s busy schedule, it can be recorded, replayed, and re-used over and over again using our platform. 
  1. Engaging Platform
There is no better way to make your existing or new prospect feel connected on a personal level than to make your event entertaining. iTeneri’s webinar platform is a sure attention grabber. It includes an array of engaging and entertainment features such as live stream comments, and captions to cater to different guests (just to name a few) which will give your brand a hit above the rest, leaving a mark on your attendees.
  1. Broader audience 
Physical events are limited in terms of the number of audiences they can reach. This often results in a loss in sales and or exposure to your services. iTeneri’s virtual webinar platform can accommodate over 2000 guests locally and internationally. Our platform allows you to expand your audience and allow attendees to tune in from the comfort of their homes allowing you to build your client base.
  1. High-Quality Software
Hosting a webinar requires top webinar software with features and services that are interactive and will secure valuable leads. iTeneri has customizable pages, quick and easy registration, and system support/in-app chat. Webinars help in identifying actual customers and this software creates the perfect opportunity to get in touch and help you to close deals faster.
  1. Metric Tracking/Feedback Management
A must-have for your webinar is a feedback management system. The purpose of this is to determine how successful your webinar was and the areas you can improve on for future events. iTeneri’s metric system allows you to view the number of persons who tuned into the webinar, how many comments were made and it provides customizable polls to send to attendees for direct feedback on the overall event structure.
Webinars should be a pillar for your business in 2021 as you don’t want to miss out on new prospects. Webinars are a must-have if you want to make your assets grow- Hashtag #Success. For more information on how to UP your marketing strategy using iTeneri Get In Touch.