About iTeneri.

iTeneri is a SaaS solution that handles Online Event Registration, Onsite Registration, Check in, Pre and Post Event Engagement, Meal Plan/Catering, Floor Plan Management, Task assignment/management and other event planning activities. This is an attempt to streamline and manage pre and post event activities, hence delivering the best event experience, providing measurable value and meeting specified objectives for attendees and all other stakeholders

Our Story.

In 2018, iTeneri started its journey as Happy Events. It was only a simple form used by event organizers to collect attendee information. Through listening to our clients, we evolved to be an indispensable part of the event journey.

In 2019, When COVID-19 began to deal a blow to the Events Industry we adapted to offer virtual event services and saved our clients from canceling their events.

Since then, we have supported over 200 events, from family reunions & funerals to Annual General Meetings & Regional Conferences. We have also worked with many clients, including some of the most well-known corporations in Jamaica, and formed partnerships with the Jamaica Central Securities Depository event services providers.

We seek to continually improve and expand our offerings through development and partnership as we continue to listen to our clients in the events industry. We pride ourselves on making the event management experience seamless.


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