Maximize event success with iTeneri analytics platform

Plan, measure, and get relevant insights to develop winning strategies for better event experiences.

Our Analytics features

Pre-event analytics

Better registration tracking. Better communication strategies.

During event analytics

Real-time metrics enhance peer-to-peer and exhibitor engagement.

Post event analytics

Detailed reporting puts you closer to closing accounts.

Embedded Forms

Collect website leads with embedded forms and integrate easily.


Send welcome email to your new subscribers with a code.

Smart popups

Create customized popups and show the right message at the right time.

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Here at iTeneri we only go above and beyond for our clients. We provide analytics for our clients so they can gain deeper insights into their event performance.

iTeneri provides detailed event analytics on the number of registrants for the event, ticket sales, engagement, virtual booths, and much more.

Engagement can be measured through audience retention rate and average time spent at the event, as well as the number of messages sent, questions asked, and polls/surveys completed.

Yes, absolutely! We provide virtual booth analytics to help sponsors track engagement and lead generated (booth visits, meetings conducted, collateral downloads, CTAs, and more) from your event.