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An all-in-one event management platform for hosting virtual and hybrid events.

Booth Creation

We provide sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to market their product or service. You can add branded designs and content as well as live chat with customers.

Payments Processing

For paid, experiences our app allows persons to purchase conference packages and allows attendees to purchase products directly from exhibitors online.

Website Creation

Create engaging branded websites that allow registration using customizable forms designed for your unique purpose. You are also able to add promotional content like images, videos, brochures and more, to tell the world about your event.

Live Chat & Call

Exhibitors are able to interact with potential customers and attendees can interact with each other using our chat & live video feature. This allows engagement with each other directly through our platform.

Mobile Responsiveness

All your attendees will have the same experience across all their devices i.e. laptops, desktop, tablet & phones.


Communicate with attendees or customers through email to send updates, promotional content and more.

Real-Time Voting

Our platform facilitates secure voting for any ballot whether it be AGMs, school elections or corporate elections.

Report Generation

Gain access to information collated through interactive and graphical reports in various formats i.e. pdf, xlsx, & csv


We protect your personal data with military grade protection and general data protection regulation (GDPR) compliance. Our policies ensure that your data is always under your control and is used in a platform protected from all adversaries.

Native Video Conferencing

Our platform possesses a built in video conferencing functionality that can be used for presentations and speeches whether recorded or live. This can be used for online experiences such as conferences, investor forums, workshops and more.

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Powering any event your organization desires.


Host meetings with real time and secure voting, receive and respond to questions from investors, & manage presentations all on the iTeneri platform.

Networking Events

Networking is about people and iTeneri is the best place to meet and engage with others. Zoom can also be integrated to allow a wider audience.

Fairs and Tradeshows

Engage and entice all patrons in attendance. Participants will be able to create booths, accept payment and communicate with your audience.


Learn and share ideas through a customer friendly platform. Create an event website and beautiful interactive booths.


Host a memorable event with irresistible engagement. From branded booths to live chat and calls to real time voting.


Engage in intensive discussions and activities. Create interactive booths, integrate with Zoom, and accept payments.