iTeneri Annual General Meeting Benefits & Features

Custom AGM Website

Our dynamic registration page personalizes the user experience for each of our clients by branding the page with the company's logo, color, and any additional information provided.

Shareholder Validation

Our platform has the ability to upload/ add any validation used for your shareholders using any unique identifier. Our platform uses this validation method to separate our shareholders from general attendees.

Email Management

Our email feature allows clients to invite attendees to register for upcoming AGMs, this feature also keeps attendees up to date by scheduling emails to broadcast to registrants up until the day of the meeting.


iTeneri makes it easy for shareholders to assign their proxies and instructions for each resolution.

Add to calendar

Our add-to-calendar feature allows attendees to add the event date to their calendars upon registering.


iTeneri gives attendees access to all supporting documents and information in one space.


iTeneri, simplifies the voting process for shareholders by giving them a variety of ways to submit their votes. Voting can be done before and during the AGM and results are captured live and displayed to each company.

Q & A

Our Q & A feature allows attendees to submit questions in real time as well as prior to the day of the AGM. Our platform also has a voice message feature that allows participants to submit questions via voice notes.


Our chat feature enables casual conversation between attendees throughout the meeting while viewing the stream.

Live Streaming

Our live stream feature allows attendees to view live footage of the AGM. Our platform is also able to facilitate streaming to external sources such as youtube and Facebook. Viewing the stream can also be done on our mobile app.


Our newsfeed area allows attendees to interact with each other well as allows participants to like, comment, and share posts made within the platform to external social media such as Facebook.

Event Analytics

iTeneri captures real-time data throughout the AGM to provide detailed audit report trails.


Recording of AGM provided to share with shareholders.


Our export feature allows you to always have access to data that matters.

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