iTeneri for TradeShow

Explore advanced features that only professionals have access to!

Dynamic Registration Forms

Our easy to use registration forms can be customized to collect any data that you need from your patrons.


Accessing a virtual event has never been easier than our single step login process. Within seconds your attendees are watching the stream

Ticket Payments

Collect revenue using our secure payment gateway that accepts all major debit and credit cards

Custom User Workflows

iTeneri empowers you to design unique onboarding steps that are tailored for each Attendee Group.


Adjust the white balance and dynamic range of your clips & long videos.

Email Alerts

iTeneri sends customized Email notifications about upcoming sessions and Event activity to your attendees


Our newsfeed allows your attendees to create posts using emojis, photographs and videos about their event experience.


iTeneri pairs event attendees according to their interests. Thew will be able to participate in forum discussions and send chat messages to each other.

Immersive Live Stream

Our HD streaming feature creates an immersive and interactive experience for any remote audience.

Online Games

Engage your attendees using our interactive leaderboard feature. This feature allows attendees to gain points and win prizes based on their participation in activities throughout the event

Booth Branding

Our platform allows you to create unique virtual booths that allows your Sponsors and Exhibitors to showcase their products and interact with attendees. The booths can be customized with your brand colours, brochures and video advertisement.

One-on-One Meetings

Exhibitors are also able to schedule one-on-one video conferencing meetings with booth visitors and prospective buyers.


iTeneri creates an immersive marketplace experience by allowing your exhibitors to promote and sell their products and services online using our secure payment gateway.

Registration and Attendance Report

Get detailed insights on attendee behaviour to optimize the experience for future events

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