The original operating entity, Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd. (JMMB), opened its doors in November 1992 as the first of its kind in Jamaica. This was to be the beginning of a legacy built on the core values of integrity, care, honesty and openness, underpinned by the Vision of Love. Thirty years later, the vision that led to the launch of JMMB (1992) has fueled its evolution from a single operating entity to the JMMB Group. This Group, now a financial services group of companies, serves over 412,000 clients and their families in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic. Genuine care for clients, credibility, talent and expertise have catapulted the JMMB Group to become a successful, dynamic, international, multi-faceted financial services group that is valued for its commitment to heart-to-heart connections, providing genuine, caring relationships and proactively delivering personalised financial solutions across banking, investment and insurance brokerage services. 


In 2015, JMMB was replaced as the parent company of the JMMB Group by JMMB Group Limited (JMMBGL), a newly formed company incorporated in Jamaica under the Companies Act (2014). This was achieved by a court sanctioned and shareholder-approved Scheme of Arrangement between the two companies and their shareholders. On implementation of the Scheme of Arrangement, JMMBGL became the holding company of the JMMB Group, which includes the companies listed in the chart set out below. As part of the reorganization, JMMB’s ordinary shares were delisted from the JSE, the BSE and the TTSE, and JMMBGL’s ordinary shares were listed instead. As a subsequent event, the Board took the decision to apply to delist JMMBGL’s existing ordinary shares from the BSE, due to consistent generally low trading volumes on the BSE, as well as the costs of maintaining the listing on the BSE. The Company’s ordinary shares have since been delisted from the BSE. This portfolio of companies has positioned the JMMB Group to become a financial force to be reckoned with in the region and the wider international marketplace, and has significantly strengthened its ability to truly deliver partnerships with clients in achieving their life goals. 


JMMB Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is actualized through the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation (the “Foundation”). The Foundation seeks to positively impact individuals, communities and the nation through transformational projects whose primary objective is to unearth individual greatness, resulting in a paradigm shift in attitudes and behaviours. This effort is carried out primarily through nation building projects, educational and transformational training as well as entrepreneurial transformation and hands-on community involvement. 


The JMMB Group is poised for even greater success as it continues to expand locally and regionally and build-out core business lines by investing in infrastructure, technology and training, and improving service channel delivery. All of the phases of the Group’s journey have been birthed out of a vision to ultimately build a financial services entity, equipped with all the solutions needed to help individuals and businesses achieve their dreams.