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What are virtual events?

A virtual event is one where individuals experience the event and its content online rather than gathering in-person. Virtual events are a great way to connect with individuals both locally and internationally. It can be modified to imitate a physical version of an event and varies from platform to platform.

Below is a list of a few of the most common virtual events that have been hosted during COVID (or even prior).

1. Conferences

Virtual conferences have become a big hit since COVID. With the unique engagement tools and multi-session content, conferences have been able to allow attendees to view keynotes in real-time, build their agenda from relevant, on-demand content, and interact with other attendees. It has also helped organizers to save costs and fulfill their objectives more effectively.

2. Trade Show

Virtual trade show is an online version of an event for demonstrating and exhibiting a variety of goods and services. The best way to advertise your product is by attending a tradeshow. This will get more eyes on your product while getting a feel of your competition. Trade shows are also a great way to gain feedback on how to improve your products.

3. Hybrid Events

The demand for Hybrid events has increased due to their stellar outcomes. With the ability to provide the same experience with a portion of attendees physically present and the other portion viewing and participating remotely. Hybrid events allow participants to have the same excitement and buzz an in-person event can bring while expanding the reach and accessibility for virtual attendees.

4. Webinars

Webinars are often described as a video conferencing tool that allows the ability to present live or pre-recorded. It usually consists of polls and Q&A sessions which are often used to share knowledge, ideas, and updates with people around the world.

5. Expos

Expos is a  virtual version of an event that aims at educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress, and fostering cooperation. Expos are a great way to network with business owners while learning more about topics you are interested in.

iTeneri strives to provide a one-of-a-kind experience pre and post-event. Our virtual event platform simplifies organizers’ work of planning the event by taking out the hassle, leaving them to focus on what’s most important, which is creating memorable connections with their target audience.

The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the need for a new local giant in the virtual and hybrid events ecosystem – iTeneri, an events management platform, used to build remarkable experiences. As the realities of the pandemic began to strangle the local events industry, this existing solution was rebuilt to enable event organizers to pivot keeping virtual and hybrid events which includes conferences, AGMs, workshops and even a family reunion.
Over the past year, iTeneri has assisted many notable brands in planning and hosting over 60 virtual and hybrid events that hosted over 8,000 persons that benefit from the patronage of tycoons of industry, world renowned presenters and politicians at the highest level of government.
It is therefore not surprising that these achievements have culminated in a signing ceremony held on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 between AppFinity Technologies and The Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD). Formalizing the partnership between both parties, all listed companies will have the opportunity to have their virtual or hybrid AGMs using the iTeneri platform.
This partnership is an indication of a fundamental paradigm shift in how we experience events and iTeneri has positioned itself as the end to end solution for paid and free experiences whether they be AGMs, conferences, workshops, trade shows, forums and more.
As partners with the JCSD, all relevant features of iTeneri will be accessible to the listed companies which includes, but is not limited to, online voting, attendee management, video conferencing, mass messaging, document sharing, event website and much more.
For the JCSD, the new service can now complement the suite of services they already offer to listed companies.
In addition to the features of the app, complete support throughout the planning and execution of the event is included. This ensures that customers can create the event that makes their attendees love them.
All of the online experience is managed by a support team from monitoring chats, sharing media such as videos and images during the events, transitioning presentations for presenters and providing and operating professional audio-visual equipment for hybrid events.
In the words of George Henry, Founder and CEO of Appfinity Technologies Limited, proprietor of iTeneri, “We take care of everything technical so all our clients have to do is simply show up and address their attendees.”
While the iTeneri team is elated, Chief Marketing Officer, Andre Stephenson was reflective as he recanted the entirety of the iTeneri story, one of perseverance, passion and innovation, a few of the things that characterises an underdog’s journey.
“In 2018 iTeneri had its genesis as a simple form created by Appfinity Technologies Limited,” he reflected . “The form was used to collect attendee information at corporate workshops, trade expositions and networking forums, nothing more.”
His subsequent statements postulated that Appfinity’s impartial regards for scrutiny is a key determinant to the level of growth and customer satisfaction experienced during the less than three years since the inception of iTeneri.
Mr. Stephenson, when asked what is the future of iTeneri, provided us with a pithy statement that summarizes the culture of the iTeneri team:
“Our customers are critical to what iTeneri has become and we will continue to focus on what they want and how we can satisfy their needs. We owe our growth to them.”