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Give your attendees the opportunity to have an effortless ticketing and registration process by simplifying online event check-in with custom ticketing and registration.

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Customizable Tickets for Both Virtual and Physical Events

Creating tickets has never been easier. Here at iTeneri, our two-step creation of tickets makes it easy for you. We handle the stress so you can focus on what really matters.

Embedded QR code on tickets & armband

Make a great impression from the start with our QR codes that helps you to uniquely identify attendees.

Auto-generated tickets and badges

We help to Simplify the printing of badges and Tickets by automatically generating them for you.

Ticket analytics

Let us ease your mind by keeping track of registrations and ticket sales. Keep your focus on revenue goals.

Registration simplified with our mobile scanning app

Let your attendees feel confident by preventing unauthorized guests from attending your event with our mobile application that scans attendees' QR codes to uniquely identify them.

Quick and easy online payments

Make it convenient for audiences all around the world to purchase tickets using our platform.

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